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Trium Wines available for purchase online, by phone, and select local merchants!

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Laura and Kurt

Welcome to Trium.  We are a small family owned and operated vineyard and winery.  When we planted our first grapes in 1990 we set out to produce the very best wine from site appropriate varieties.  That is still our dedication and focus.  Each season brings us new challenges and opportunities to create something special.  Our dedication to quality encompasses farming in a responsible way with the lightest touch on the earth and respect for our neighbors and the next generations to have the guardianship of our hillside. We are fortunate to have a wonderful site with excellent soil and an amazing view of the Rogue Valley.

Enjoying Trium WineTrium comes from Latin for “of three” and was founded by 3 couples with a vision of fine wine farmed with wisdom and care, in collaboration with well-trained winemakers, to best express the potential of Southern Oregon.  We each contributed grapes and hard work to establishing Trium.  As time marched on one couple found their focus to truly be on growing grapes and left Trium to continue farming.  Another year found us missing one of our founders as he passed on and his partner felt the need to reduce her commitment in the wine industry and refocus her life.   Our blend “of three” varieties Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc comprise our Growers’ Cuvée. This continues to be our flagship and signature wine.

Dustin Lotspeich 2nd generation vineyard manager.  Tasting the work in progress. Just as the vineyard grows and evolves each year Trium has grown and changed as well.  As founders of Trium we are still dedicated to Trium’s founding focus of excellence.  We find our passions growing as the years have passed and now it is the Lotspeich family that is carrying on the Trium tradition.

We hope you enjoy the results as much as we do.

<- Dustin Lotspeich 2nd generation vineyard manager.  Tasting the work in progress.