Trium Wines


Trium Wines available for purchase online, by phone, and select local merchants!

Stay tuned for new release and location Spring 2018

Pheasant Vineyard

When we found our hillside it was an ideal place for grapes and a perfect place to live and raise our family.  We researched growing, trellising, varieties, irrigating and every aspect we could about growing grapes in Southern Oregon.  It was an emerging industry and exciting to be part of.  We enlisted everyone in our family and all the friends that were willing to share our vision.

From the first plant we put in we have tried to think outside the box about what to do and how to do it, keeping in mind the lessons of centuries of growing experience in other regions of the world.  We wanted our vineyard to be sustainable not only in technique but for the next generation to be able to afford to continue live and thrive here.

We continue to look for innovation in grape varieties and farming techniques as our son Dustin moves into the vineyard management and shares the mantel of labor and decision making.  We constantly evaluate the health of the vineyard, the varieties we are growing and new information in viticulture and farming efficiently.

Yes, this is a labor of love, and as such the goal is perfection always with a dash of reality.

-- Laura Lotspeich